Chapter 1

Does your environment control your thinking? Or does your thinking control your environment?

Chapter 1 is a unique opportunity to get away from the businesses, careers, people, places, and ideas that keep you trapped on the hamster wheel, long enough for you to create a new clarity.

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Joseph gets you to go beyond your comfort zone, helps you challenge your thoughts and see beyond the limitations that surround you.

Using a combination of peer-reviewed science, inspirational talks, real-life case-studies and powerful meditations, Joseph will help you discover the limitless possibilities that exist and how you can integrate this into your daily life to achieve what you want.

Reaching a deeper level of awareness about ‘why we do what we do’ is key to having the opportunity to life-long, meaningful change. After all, how can we fix a problem if we are not aware it exists?

Joseph will help you reveal the roadblocks that are holding you back and help set you on the path for success.

Chapter 1 is about raising your level of awareness and creating transformation in you as a person and spirit in the World.


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