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Joseph Costello is a global expert in high performance, both on a personal and professional level. As a successful business mentor in Ireland and international speaker, Joseph devotes his life to helping others ‘waken up’ and live enriched, fulfilled lives by thinking into results, one thought at a time

Joseph works closely with his personal mentor Bob Proctor and is a fully certified Consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Joseph is one of Bob Proctor’s top global Consultants and is an exclusive member of the Proctor Gallagher Institute

Bob Proctor is a world-renowned speaker, motivational coach, author of bestselling books, as well as a Law of Attraction teacher. Bob Proctor has an international reputation for getting the very best out of both people and businesses.

Joseph has teamed up with Bob and carries on the Teachings that dates back over 120 years.

An Extraordinary Lineage

For millions of people, Bob Proctor’s name is synonymous with “success.” And he is known as America’s greatest prosperity teacher. How did Bob come so far? He is linked to the forefathers of the personal development movement going back to 1908

Andrew Carnegie

the first billionaire, challenged Napoleon Hill to interview the world’s most successful people in order to create a simple formula that anyone can follow in order to achieve success and become wealthy.

Napoleon Hill

 accepted the challenge and in 1937 published the original version of “Think and Grow Rich.”

In 1960, Earl Nightingale

co-founded the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. The company produced personal development material recorded on vinyl records. Earl Nightingale studied “Think and Grow Rich” and ultimately won a Literary Prize from Hill’s Foundation in 1989.

In 1961, Bob Proctor

started studying “Think and Grow Rich,” and it transformed his life in addition to studying the book. Bob listened to Earl Nightingale’s condensed recording of the book thousands of times. Then, Bob worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Earl Nightingale at Nightingale-Conant from 1968 to 1973, before leaving to start his own personal development company. Today, Bob has studied thousands of books, continues to read “Think and Grow Rich” every day, and is considered the world’s foremost expert on the human mind.

Sandy Gallagher

In 2006, a very successful attorney named Sandy Gallagher attended one of Bob Proctor’s three-day seminars. Those three days transformed her life, and eventually, she joined forces with Bob to create the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

About Joseph The Business Mentor

Joseph left school at 15. He ended up in a Job that was unfulfilling, unhappy and in a dark place. In 2002 Joseph started his Self-help journey and you know what they say, the Darkest hour is before the dawn.

Through Joseph’s Journey of self discovery (over 18 years) he made Quantum leaps in his Personal, Business, Financial and Mindset. Joseph has started several multi million Euro companies and knows what it’s like to take an idea from his mind to reality. He understands the struggles of Business owners and Entrepreneurs.

Joseph’s passion is to share what he has learnt and help others achieve the Life Dream about.

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